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Josif | Owner and Stylist

Josif is a stylist and owner of Salon CTI. He has been with the company since 1991, and is a level 4AA stylist. Josif is a performing artist for Redken, Paris Hilton, and Pure Extensions. He has trained both nationally and internationally in his craft and is also a 1st graduate of KRS Consulting Group.

Josif has a great amount of experience in his work. He has created salon editorials, magazine covers, and also has previous celebrity work in his portfolio. He has worked with William Gore Salon and provides In-Salon education at Salon CTI.

Specializing in wigs, cutting, and consulting, Josif prides himself on having a vision for his clients before executing his work. Putting the right look on a client requires a real honest effort, and Josif's work speaks for itself.

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Fred | Founder and Stylist 

Fred is a stylist and founder of Salon CTI. He has been with the company since 1981, and is a level 4 stylist. Fred got his education at MATC/Madison Honors Advanced Business. He works on advanced cutting, color, and provides In-Salon education as well. As a 1st graduate of KRS Consulting Group he continues using his professional experience in business management and has been a speaker at national salon seminars.

Fred prides himself on using his skills and experience to develop aspiring stylists and teach them how to excel in their work. In his own words, "I take the most pride in passing on what I have learned and helping others succeed. It is amazing to see the skill of the graduates coming out of academy".

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Joy | Stylist

Joy is a level 4 stylist at Salon CTI and has worked in the salon since 1991. She has a high amount of previous experience in her field. She has worked with Redken Exchange NYC, Advanced Hair in Las Vegas and Canada, and has worked in television as stage as a stylist. She specializes in personalized design with advanced color.

While she may be a perfectionist, Joy puts great effort into ensuring that her client's hair color compliments the cut, and that the cut compliments the face. In Joy's own words, "I love working with people. Making people look great and feel great. Having the power to change someone's appearance is very exciting and magical".


Dia | Stylist



Dia is a 2017 graduate of The Salon Professional Academy and has been with Salon CTI and Day Spa since graduation. She has also completed her Advances Esthetics training and is devoted to as much continuing education as she can find.

Dia specializes in Balayage/Ombre highlights and short haircuts. She is also very skilled at men’s haircutting and hair tattoos. On the Spa side, she is an accomplished Makeup Artist.  In her own words “I love to help my clients look and feel beautiful from head to toe.”

One of her guiding quotes is “When you do what you love, you never work another day in your life!”

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Terry Owner and Guest Services

Terry is an owner and service manager at Salon CTI. With over 24 years of service at Salon CTI, she makes sure that every salon customer feels special from the moment they walk in. Terry has immense background experience in her field of business and financial services, from classes at UW Oshkosh and Fox Valley Technical College to the Summit Salon series, she is the go-to person for managing customer service and Salon CTI's systems.

Everyday Terry's goal is to make each person that walks through Salon CTI's doors feel special... Because they are! In Terry's own words, "I truly care about each guest and person I work with. The relationships with them are special. I enjoy the daily challenges. There is always something new to learn".

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Jeff | Owner and Stylist

Jeff is a level 4 stylist and owner at Salon CTI. He began dressing hair in 1886 and has worked at only 2 salons since then: 1986-1992 at William Gore Salon and from 1992 forward at Salon CTI and Day Spa (and its previous incarnation Changing Times, Inc.)  Jeff has been to New York City numerous times for advanced trainings at The Redken Exchange and at Ruth Roche's RAW . 

From 1989-1999 Jeff worked for Redken as a part time educator in Wisconsin and northern Illinois. During this time he worked hair shows and symposiums from Las Vegas to Washington DC and New York where he presented haircolor during a show at Madison Square Gardens.

Jeff specializes in creating classic looks and natural haircolors for his guests. But that doesn't mean he can't get a little funky when he needs to! Color, highlights, and short cuts are also a big part of his salon expertise.

In Jeff's own words, "I love that I'm in a position to positively affect so many people".

Staff-Ashley Buss Headshot-1.jpg

Ashley I Stylist and Trainer

Ashley is a level 4 stylist at Salon CTI. She has been at Salon CTI since 2006, and graduated 1st in her class at the Salon Professional Academy. Ashley also has done extensive work at the New York Makeup Show. You may have seen Ashley's work on Fox 11's Monday Morning Makeovers, or Deluxe 920 magazine photo shoots as well as other top magazine photo shoots.

When it comes to specializing, Ashley takes pride in her ability to style and cut long hair, while also creating unique styles for special occasions such as weddings or other formal gatherings. And let's not forget her wonderful work with highlights and hair color. In her own words, "Every day is different and I enjoy new challenges and interaction with other people".

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Gail | Stylist

Gail is a level 3 stylist at Salon CTI. She has been a part of Salon CTI since 2005, and takes pride in her sharp skills. Gail has a large amount of education experience from names such as MATC Cosmetology, Redken Exchange NYC, as well as in-salon education and continued annual education.

Specializing in razor cutting, color, and crafting individual styles, Gail is an important asset to Salon CTI's stylist team. In Gail's own words, "I appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to work in a career that I love. It's rewarding to know that someone feels better about their appearance because of me".

Staff-Heather Otis Headshot-1.jpg

Heather | Stylist

Heather is a level 4A stylist at Salon CTI. She has been working with the company since 2000, and has great credentials as a stylist. Heather is certified in hair extensions and hair replacements, and has had extensive training through Redken Exchange NYC and is also a Redken certified hair colorist. Not to mention her years of in salon education.

Experience is important, and Heather has worked as a Redken educator, in salon trainer/educator, and is a part of the Fox 11 Monday Morning Makeover Team. Heather enjoys specializing in extensions, difficult-to-manage hair types, and hair color. In her own words, "I love being able to help others see the beauty in themselves and to help them achieve their beauty goals".

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Elaine | Nail Technician

Elaine is a nail technician at Salon CTI. She has been with the company since 2001, and takes pride in her advanced nail technique certification and robust experience. She has worked as a nail technician since 1993 and has worked around the country in Florida, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

As a nail technician, Elaine specializes in acrylic nails, gel nails, shellac polish, and pedicures. In Elaine's own words, "I have been a nail technician for over 20 years. I sincerely enjoy the time I get to spend knowing each of my guests". 

Staff-Sheila Losse Headshot-1.jpg

Sheila | Stylist

Sheila is a level 4 stylist at Salon CTI, and she has been with the company since 1992. She has learned her craft from top sources such as Gill Tech Academy, Redken Exchange NYC, as well as in salon education. She is certified for extensions, and takes great pride in her work.

Working as a stylist since 1986, Sheila is confident and experienced in her work. She has also worked with William Gore like many other top stylists at Salon CTI. Sheila specializes in long hair cutting, extensions, and working with blonde hair colors. In her own words, "What I like best is never feeling like I am going to work. Always learning to keep current with the trends. My guests are always number one. I always take the time to listen to them".

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Gene | Stylist

Gene is a level 3 stylist at Salon CTI, and he has been with the company since 1993. He has an extensive amount of education through places such as USAF, Gill Tech Academy of Hair Design, Redken Exchange NYC, Sam Villa Advanced bob-cutting, and Rusk Advanced Hair Design. 

Gene has been at Salon CTI since he started his career as a stylist, and has worked with other businesses as well such as Regis Salon. Beyond that, Gene has also worked as a Redken volunteer stylist from 1995-2004. His specialties include bob cuts for all hair lengths, corrective color, as well as color and highlights. In Gene's own words, "What I like best is making people feel better when they leave my chair than when they cam into the salon".

Staff-Julie Johnson Headshot-1 (1).jpg

Julie | Stylist

Julie is a level 1 stylist at Salon CTI, and has been with the company since 2011. She has a great educational background working with Redken Hair Exchange Advanced Cutting, David Stanko Color Class, and also graduated at the top of her class from Salon Professional Academy.

Julie has previously worked on Monday Morning Makeover, featured on Fox 11. She prides herself on her product knowledge, and all-around hair cutting skills for long and short types of hair. In Julie's own words, "I like that I can create an inner confidence in my guest by creating a look for them that enhances their facial features and body type".

Staff-Donna Geiger Headshot.jpg

Donna | Guest Services

Donna works guest services at Salon CTI, and has been with the company since 2011. She previously worked at Salon CTI from 1997-2007 before rejoining in 2011. Donna has great educational experience including a degree in cosmetology, Zig Ziglar Communication and Supervisory workshops, and an associates degree in early childhood development.

Beyond Donna's experience at Salon CTI in guest services, she was also a preschool teacher for 4 years, and worked as a regional merchandising manager for a large national retail chain.

Specializing in wedding coordination, Donna is a valuable member of the Salon CTI team. In her own words, "I love working in such a positive atmosphere and being a part of making people feel good about themselves".

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Shay | Stylist

Shay is a Level 2 stylist at Salon CTI, and she has been with the company since 2016. As a student at UW Green Bay and Fox Valley Technical College, Shay learned about hotel/restaurant management and the culinary arts. Shay honed her stylist skills at the Salon Professional Academy and trained in cosmetology and advanced aesthetics.

With experience in advanced cutting, coloring, and image consulting, Shay is an important member of Salon CTI's stylist group. Specializing in cutting long hair, big change makeovers, and artistically designed updos makes her a go-to stylist. In Shay's own words, "My favorite feeling is after the cape goes on. I get to assist in bringing beauty to people every day. Helping to spread happiness and confidence is the very best part of what I do".

Staff-Dan Ebert Headshot-1.jpg

Dan | Stylist

Dan is a level 1 hair stylist at Salon CTI, and has been with the company since 2014. As a graduate from Gil Tech Academy class of 1996, Gil has worked with other well-known hair salons such as Salon Aura, Chameleon, and Mask.Hair Design.

Dan's specialties are hair color, women's hair cuts, and men's hair cuts. In his own words, "Making people look great and feel great about themselves makes me smile".

Staff-Jaime Kloehn Headshot-1.jpg

Jaime | Stylist

Jaime is a Level 2 stylist at Salon CTI, and has been with the company since 2015. As a graduate from The Salon Professional Academy, she specializes in image consulting and helping others truly hone their personal style.

In Jaime's own words, "What I like best is making people feel more confident about their personal appearance when they leave the salon ".

Staff-Christopher Wojahn Headshot-1.jpg

Chris | Stylist and Trainer

Chris is a level 4 stylist and trainer at Salon CTI, and has been with the company since 2011. Chris has previous education at The Salon Professional Academy, the New York Exchange for advanced cutting and color, and
in-salon training as well. 

With years of experience, Chris has many accomplishments attached to his portfolio. His experience includes, stage work with Redken International Artists, high fashion photo shoots, and editorial work. Chris has also worked with Elevate Hair Studio, and is part of the Monday Morning Makeover team featured on Fox 11.

Chris specializes in image consulting and design, as well as cutting long hair, and creating artistically designed updos. In his own words, "What I like best is the look on someone's face after receiving a completely new look that compliments their bone structure and body shape".

Staff-Mandi Davie 01.jpg

Mandi | Massage Therapist

Mandi is a massage therapist at Salon CTI, and she has been with the company since 2015. Mandi is a graduate of Globe University, GB and has great experience in her craft. With training from Love and Light School of Energy Medicine (Crystal therapy), Sage Mountain Herb School (Herbalism), Tree of Life GB (Medicine wheel), and the Health and Healing Zone in Appleton (Reiki master), she is a valuable asset of Salon CTI. And let's not forget, Mandi is also an ordained minister.

Mandi is also the owner and operator of Wild Hearts Healing Arts, and she specializes in relaxation with gentle deep tissue massaging, energy work, and aromatherapy. In her own words, "I truly believe massage is for EVERY body. Whether you are a professional athlete or someone who hasn't excercised in 20 years, massage can benefit you at any stage of your life. I love to talk to my guests about their wellness goals and help then to develop a plan to achieve success".

Staff-Karen Gadzinski Headshot-1.jpg

Karen | Administration

Karen is involoved in our Administration leadership team at Salon CTI, and she has been with the company since 1996. Karen takes care of the bookkeeping at the salon, and handles the important duty of keeping everyone supplied with hugs. In Karen's own words "What I like best is getting to share the friendship of our Salon CTI Family".