Couple massage.jpg

love & Massage her

Transform her aching muscles into relaxed & supple ones with a personalized 80 minute massage. ($90 value) $70


 Pedicure her 

Spoil Her Feet First Signature

Pedi w/ a mini Lacquer ($65 val.) $50


style & refresh her

Style, Cut & Revitalizing Shampoo plus: treatment & 2 oz Hairspray ($58 value) $35


Revitalize Her Skin

Spa personalized facial she gets a free cosmetic bag & swag bag to keep her looking spa-tastic! ($90 val) $70

Gift Card Her

Personalize her gift with a customized gift certificate amount that allows her to spoil herself in a way that her body demands. 

Manicure her

Traditional Mani + Shellac

Leave her hands soft and beautiful! 

            ($56 val)  $40