For relaxation or relief from chronic pain and stress, our certified massage therapist is available to customize a treatment that will heal your mind and body.


Deep Healing

15 min Chair - $20
30 min - $50+*
50 min - $70+*
80 min - $90+*

30 min - $60+*
50 min - $80+*
80 min - 100+*



A unique pillow allows those later in pregnancy to lie on their stomach - $75+*


Reiki work, or "universal lige energy" addresses imbalances in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas. Through a laying on of hands, our therapist is able to follow your body's energy paths to where the healing is needed - $70+*

Migraine Therapy

Aromatherapy, massage and cold stone placement specifically help headache and migraine suffers - $45+*

Lavender Ritual

Our Signature Service. This special service begins with a warm herbal foot soak and a cup of tea. Enjoy the incredible benefits of lavender oil in this custom treatment and massage designed to pamper body, mind and soul. Remember your experience with a take home gift - $75+*

Intense Hydrating Hot Stone

A hand and foot exfoliation is followed by Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Treatment massaged into the skin using hot stone massage. A scalp treatment is included. The service is finished with a deeply moisturizing Body Souffle - $115+*

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a natural therapy in which warmed basalt stones are positioned on parts of the body to maximize their therapeutic benefits.  A full body massage using the stones will increase blood flow - $80+*


*indicates the base price. Prices will vary depending on service provider

 a $25 deposit is required for all services $25 and over. Groups of 3 or more have an additional requirement.